Meet Erika (the Chef!)

Chef Erika Lipe was born into a family passionate about cuisine and exploring the world through flavor. A native Mississippian, Chef Erika spent most of her early travels along the gulf coast, and especially New Orleans. Her family ingrained in Erika a love for music, food and visual arts from all over. Fascinated by diverse cultures, Erika marries together classic techniques and flavors from across the world seamlessly.

“Thinking for yourself and producing something that was your own was always presented to me as an honorable quest. I think combining styles of food on a menu is a very delicate art. You have to have a really good understanding of the purpose of each of the elements in order for it to be a success. You have to balance all that stuff to make it work. And it’s not easy, but it is fun.”





Photos by The Valley Imagery & Productions